unleash the power
of analytics

while respecting the privacy of individuals

What We Do

We enable your company to unleash insights from private data

At DPella, we believe that privacy solutions are increasingly becoming an essential segment of any industry. However, privacy is hard to get right! We have only just started, but we already know that every privacy-related-product needs to be built around solid mathematical foundations to provide strong guarantees. Our solutions are designed to enable your company to perform data analytics on private datasets while respecting the privacy of individuals.

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Who We Are

Privacy scientists and entrepreneurs

DPella is founded by a group of professors and software entrepreneurs, who started a research collaboration to solve privacy challenges in the real-world! Today, we offer smart, and innovative services based on our academically recognized research and patentable technology.

The DPella Team


Alejandro Russo

CEO & Co-Founder

Professor in Computer Science and an expert in building security solutions.


Marco Gaboardi

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

Professor in Computer Science and an expert in data privacy.


Carola Compá

Business Developer

An entrepreneur with an education in business administration and 9 years of experience in leading software companies.




This company is an offspring of research funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF).

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DPella has been selected as one of the brightest data portability projects in Europe. DPella takes part in the Data Portability & Services Incubator (DAPSI) for the Next Generation of Internet (NGI)


Chalmers Innovation Office

Chalmers Innovation office provides support and advice to researchers at Chalmers in order to enable utilisation of research results and thereby creating extended value for society and industry.


DPella has partnered with GU Ventures and it is part of its incubator program.


Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

Our research is included in IVA's List 2021 listing research projects focusing on sustainable emergency preparedness with potential to create value through innovation.



MobilityXlab is an unconventional collaboration platform where large and emerging companies with pioneering ideas drive innovation together. DPella was selected in the first batch of 2021.

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AWS Active Portfolio

DPella has received AWS free credits as part of the AWS Active Portfolio program

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