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They secure valuable data - "will explode within two to three years"

Updated: May 3, 2023

Source Dagens Indistri. Date 10/06/2021.--

Gothenburg startup DPella hopes to be one of the first on the market to offer a solution that guarantees personal integrity in an increasingly data-driven world. With their participation in the innovation hub Mobility Xlabs, they get the chance to try out their solution together with several large Swedish companies - including Volvo and Ericsson.

DPella was born out of Russo's and collaborator Marco Gaboardi's, a research assistant at Boston University, researching data security and data analysis. To ensure that data, which is based on human behavior, for example, cannot be traced to a specific individual - without removing valuable information for that matter - they developed a mathematical model. With its help, they add data, so-called "random noise", to the data that makes it impossible to connect it to individuals.

“Companies are super scared to share or publish analytical data about their customers - so they simply do not. GDPR also plays a role here. It ends with everyone sitting on their own data silos. It does not help to remove what actually points out a specific person, such as a social security number. There are still a lot of attributes that point to a specific person. But if you remove too much information, the data will not be useful. But with our model, you can be sharp without risking integrity. ”

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