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10 researchers on this year's IVA 100 list have worked with Chalmers Ventures

Updated: May 3, 2023

Chalmers Press Release - 10 may 2022.--

Now presents the King. The Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) this year's 100 list of research projects that are judged to have great potential to benefit through commercialization, business and method development or social impact. The focus of this year's 100 list is technology in the service of humanity.

This year's 100 list includes researchers from several different departments and technical areas at Chalmers. After the respective researcher's name, past or current companies and projects at Chalmers Ventures are listed.

Kathleen Murphy, DSAqua

Burcak Ebin, Mat4Green

Kinga Grenda, Adsorbi

Carola Compa, Dpella (participation at Start-up camp)

Devdatt Dubhashi, Embedl and Repli5

Ergang Wang (participation at Start-up camp)

Timur Shegai, SMENA

Christoph Langhammer, Envue

Per Stenström, ZeroPoint Technologies

Ingrid Undeland, Aquafood

Dealflow, deep tech and gearing

Chalmers' internal ecosystem of dealflow between research and exploitation is a key to Chalmers' success. But also to continuously have the competence to match incoming technology ideas with entrepreneurs. Something that Chalmers Ventures is a world leader in.

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